Questions and answers about car accidents and Collision Reporting Procedure.

Note: All those Q&A are researched by Our Site Staff and questions we have received from our readers. For correct information you should always Contact the Collision Reporting Centre Facility By Phone.
Q. Is there a time limit to reporting about a car collision?

A. Best time to report the accident is right away, less questions will be asked. if not right away You should try your best to report the accident within 48 hours from the time the car accident had happened.

Q. Suppose I get hit from the rear and agree to allow the wrongful party to pay for the damages. After signing the paperwork indicating that he will cover the costs, which are below $1000.00, can I still make a report should he/she decides change his/her mind and refuse to pay for the damages?

A. If no one is hurt and the damage is under $2000.00 the police at the reporting centre will not create a report for you. just have all the Accident details in the paper work you prepare and the conditions and copies of drivers license and insurance, just in case one of you change their minds later. best place to get this paper work signed is before leaving the accident scene and had straight to the Auto bodyshop together.

Q. I was rear-ended this morning while stopped at a red light on High Park Avenue at Humberside. There is some damage to my rear bumper. Where is the closest collision centre for me to report this? I see that the centre in Etobicoke has been closed and the ones in North York and Mississauga are very far to drive to in such icy conditions. Would you please let me know what to do?

A. If you want to make a report for a car accident that happened in Toronto, Etobicoke or Scarborough, you have two options. One is the collision reporting centre at 113 Toryork Dr at Finch and Weston, the second option is 39 Howden at Lawrence and Brichmount. Etobicoke Reporting center is closed for couple of years now.

Q. I was involved in an accident on Hwy 410 this morning. A vehicle spun out of control into my lane when I hit the vehicle. I got out to check on the passenger of the other vehicle.  She was fine.  She wanted to get off the hwy to exchange information. She said she would follow me. When I got off at the nearest exit, she was not behind me and I wasn’t able to find her.  Unfortunately I did not get her plate #.  What can I do?

A. Before Filling a report see if there were cameras in that spot on the hwy. try to retrieve videos information or ask the law Enforcement if they can find out who it was. without the other party information you will be liable for your own repairs.

Q – What happens when an accident is in the parking lot?

A – If the accident is on the private property and combined damage is over $2000 then you don’t need to go to a reporting centre. You need to call and wait for police in that parking lot. After taking pictures you may want to move to parking spot to clear traffic. If there is only small damage (less then $2000 of combined damage) then its usually 50/50. Meaning everybody if responsible for their own damage repair, that’s If both cars were moving. If one car was parked and the other party just hit it then usually the insurance of the party at fault will pay for the other party repairs. Keep in mind if one car is parked and one of the passengers is opening the door and come out and another car hit that opening door, then both cars were moving because of the opening door part. In this case its again 50/50.

Q – Should we wait for police or go directly to reporting centre?

A – Before you move take photos of the way the cars positioned and exchange information. See if anybody is hurt, if there are injuries call 911 immediately. In order to get police involved damage must be over $2000 of combined damage. If not, police wont do a report and you might call insurance or settle between yourselves. If there is over $2000 of combined damage and no one is hurt, then call the reporting centre and ask for an incident number. This number will be needed when you get to the reporting centre. If your car needs to be towed then call a tow truck or use the one that is already there. In some cases police will instruct you to wait on the accident scene.

Q – Can I go to the reporting centre near my home?

A – NO, you need to go to the reporting centre in the same city you had the accident in. reporting centre in other city wont accept your report and will guide you back to the one in the same city were the accident happened.

Q – What if the driver is not on the policy?

A – Not a problem as long as the vehicle is insured and that specific driver was NOT flagged by your insurance company. Meaning if your insurance provider issued you the policy under the circumstances that a specific driver wont driver a specific car and he did, then your insurance may not be valid and it coverage may not apply. If the driver is not on the policy and is not flagged and the policy is up to date then its all good and all coverage’s apply.

Q – Who will determine who’s fault it is?

A – In the reporting centre the police will have their saying. They might even issue a traffic charge. But the real decision is made by the insurance companies. They will compare the police report to what you have to say and will have the final verdict. They are also the ones to keep your records and determine your yearly premium.

Q – Can we move from the road to clear traffic?

A – If no one is hurt and there is nothing criminal like hit and run or drunk driving then yes. It is always a good idea to call police first and ask for instructions, if again combined damages are over $2000

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  1. Narayan

    Hi I was hit on the front when other car was backing up at the gas station when I was stationed at the pump. The person offered his licence and ins policy details and I have photos of licence and his car. Do I still need to report collision ? can I report at any police station ? What are my options if he changes his mind ?

    1. admin

      You may report the collision if there is over $2000 of combined damage to both cars. If that’s the case On a private property you must call and wait for police to do the report at the scene of the accident, because it’s a private property.

  2. Stas

    Supposed I got hit from the rear and damaged another car in front of me when I had completely stopped on a red light. Police gave me a ticket for a careless driving. Is it a normal practice to get a ticket when you are inside of the “sandwich” of 3 cars?

  3. Trish

    Hi – my car was in a parking lot and when I came back to my car another car was parked right up against my bumper. Their license plate was bent out and left a scratch on my car. I took pictures including one of their license plate. I left a note on their windshield with my phone number and asked them to get in touch. It’s almost been 24 hours and I haven’t heard from them do I need to report to the collision centre?

    Thank you

  4. Lisa

    I hit a car that stopped short in front of me. I had my car towed to the collision centre but police did not come to the scene. I filed the report and left. Could I still be charged or am I clear?

  5. Margaret

    Hi – I parked my car in a parking lot near Cobourg Beach last Saturday and no car was parked beside us. When we came back in the afternoon, another car was parked next to us and we found a damage at my bumper. I took pictures including one of their license. Do I need to report to the collision centre? As the collision centre near cobourg was closed by the time it happened, we weren’t able to report it right away. Please advise.

  6. Yousif


    Two months I encountered what I thought was a close call, while trying to merge on busy hwy. I was trying to enter the hwy as the on ramp lane was ending. I entered the hwy right lane about half way through the on ramp lane. A dump, behind me the entire time was slowing down, and I assumed that he had acknowledged my commitment to entering the hwy. When my car was half way into the right lane of the hwy, I noticed in my rear view mirrors that the truck was way too close for comfort, and the truck actually jerked the steering wheel to the left, away from my car. In the moment I felt no impact, nor did I see any contact while checking my mirrors. So I continued on home. When I got home I notice that I had very minor rub marks on my back driver side bumper, so i figured the truck tire ended up rubbing slightly on my bumper. Since I never thought contact was made, I never stopped on the busy hwy, so I figured I have nothing to report. Even if this was to be considered an accident, I was not at fault. My estimate on the damage would probably be $30 at best. The rub marks can me buffed off.

    A month ago I received a letter from PEO saying that I was involved in an accident (not really true), and that I need to come in to report it. And it is an offense not to report accident. Up until I received this letter, it never once crossed my mind that I needed to do anything. I have been driving for over 10 years, and I know the law states that accidents must be reported when damages exceed over $2000 (exactly as it is stated in this website).

    I guess my question is why does the officer want me to report an accident that had a damage value of $30. Are they just trying to verify the damage and hear my side of the story? What should I be expecting?

    I know I am not at fault, and I have nothing to hide. Also, as I was driving away from what I took as a close call, I did not see the truck stop either. I was focused on the traffic ahead of me.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this scenario.

  7. Douglas

    Hello, In the question I have pasted below, the person mentions signing paperwork…. is there standard paperwork if the other party is willing to pay and admits fault? I am in the situation where I do not want to make a claim as it is minor damage (1200) and the other party seems to be willing to admit fault and pay for the damage but I am a little nervous about him not following through.

    Q. Suppose I get hit from the rear and agree to allow the wrongful party to pay for the damages. After signing the paperwork indicating that he will cover the costs, which are below $1000.00, can I still make a report should he/she decides change his/her mind and refuse to pay for the damages?

  8. Bill

    I was backing out of my driveway at the same time as the neighbour directly across the street. this was 3 days ago. We hit each other when we were parallel to each out. I have VERY minor scratch on the side. No bumper damage or marks at all. He claims the very large dent in his side door was not there before. I cannot see that was my fault. Either way it should be 50/50 as we were both backing out simultaneously.
    I talked to my insurance but made no claim. He has yet to talk to his insurance.
    Any comments what should we do?

  9. Les

    I was involved in an accident where a person ran a stop sign. I jammed on my breaks to avoid hitting him and another car hit me. The person who ran the stop sign then fled. I did get their licence plate number. Is there anything I can do to ensure that he is held responsible for the accident? I did get the information on the person who hit me from behind, but the other person left.

  10. Rich

    My son had bumped a car on the 401 traffic was maybe 1-2 kms very slow
    a girl pulled into his lane and slammed on the brakes, they exchanged all i.d and insurance and agreed there was no damage.
    A week later our insurance called and said she was going after personal injury , she reported it to the police she said but when our insurance went to open the police report they could not
    open the report.
    he had a story and she had a story so the insurance said it will be 50/50 now she closed her claim and my son’s insurance is going up

  11. David

    On October 5th morning my wife was involved in an accident involving both parties doing a lane change. An OPP officer arrived at the scene soon after. He assessed the damage and determined that the other driver was at fault (because the other driver was behind my wife the whole time). However, no tickets of any kind was given. My wife managed to record the conversation in which the other driver admitted driving at 120km/h trying to pass a truck he thought was “slow”. In the recording the officer also accused the other driver for being careless and specifically said that he was at fault and will be reported as him being at fault. What’s not in the recording (based on my wife’s words), was that the other driver at the end admitted that it was his fault and he apologized to my wife right in front of the OPP officer.

    After 2 weeks my insurance agent contacted me and said that the other driver denied violating the law and admitted that he was at fault, and accused my wife for dangerous driving instead.

    What i want to know is, can I use the voice recording to prove that he was doing 120km/h as a reckless or aggressive driving. And can I request that OPP officer involved to testify that the other driver did indeed admit it was his fault and apologize to my wife?

    Thank you very much.

  12. Bayna

    I have a question…. I rolled into someone in Mississauga and dented their back hatch door. We went to the police reporting centre thing and tried to file a report but because the damages were less than $2000, it was a “non-reportable” and the officer sent us on our way after ensuring we had all of each other’s information. The other person called their insurance and I called my insurance to report the incident (I called my insurance after getting confirmation that the other party had called their insurance) and my insurance company told me that a claim hadnt been filed yet and that they would call me if the other person’s insurance company put through a claim. Makes sense.

    It’s been 6 business days and I haven’t heard anything about this. So I get a hold of the other party today and ask what is going on. They said that they had taken their car into the collision auto shop THIS MORNING for insurance’s approval. I guess I just am wondering how it’s acceptable to wait 6 business days to get a minor dent looked at. Isn’t there some sort of time limit to these things????

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