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Recommended subjects for discussion:

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  • Avoiding or handling a traffic tickets
  • Being injured and treatment
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  1. I parked my car at coffee shop to buy coffee. When I went back to my car and somebody told me my car was hit and run by a Toyota Van. I found a long and large scratch on my car bumper. Those guys saw the incident and gave me that van license plate number, but they refused to be witness and provided more information about it. I only got that van license number without information of what color, what model, witness name and contact phone… Also, my car insurance is not fully coverage. My friends told me just ignore it and said myself a bad day. Because I wouldn’t have any compensation and that guy caused the damage wouldn’t be punished. Will only waste my time to go on it.

  2. I had my Jaguar in a service shop to replace the water pump. When the owner of the shop took my car for a test drive he drive into the back of a cement truck. Now I have a damaged grille, passenger headlamp mount , hood and front bumper. I would estimate the cost to repair my car to be between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00, but I can’t be sure since I can’t open the hood to inspect the engine compartment.

    The repair shop’s insurance company wants me to make a claim to my insurance company and they will pay for the repairs. My insurance company said a claim will affect my insurance rate and driving.record. I am not sure if the shop owner even reported the accident.

    1. get the police involved Dave, he is trying to stick it to you, he wants you to file a claim sounds like he doesn’t have insurance to cover such damages, also while your car is being repaired he should hand you a loaner until such repairs are made and pass inspection.

  3. I crashed my motorcycle a deer jumped infront of me and I crashed no one was hurt it was just myself involved in the accident no damage to anyone else’s property. I came home that night and cleaned my road rash and searched on this site about what to do in a accident. The site says no injury no damage to anyone else’s property I have 24 hours to report the accident I woke up the next day and checked damage to my bike which was worse than I thought the night before. I called police and reported the accident within the 24 hour period they are refusing to give me a accident report and if I do want 1 they are gonna charge me with not reporting a accident. I followed all rules I believe it’s my very first accident since I started driving at 17 and am 30 now. Any advice?

  4. Hi same one hit my car and left his car and I call the police 30 minute of waiting no one come the guy come back with his friend pick up all his stuff I call again the police to send same ome fast no2 hours after they come the guy left the sin and know my insurance tell me I not cover because the guy is run and the guy rent the car form enterprise and enterprise is not give me his information i don’t know what to do my car really damage I can’t driver

  5. Samantha buchanan

    I was hit on colbourne street heading west, close to the west street intersection, on my passenger side by a tealish green Mazda truck by two young girls on March 17th around 5:15. The driver was young and had blonde hair. She not only drove into my passenger side, while a passenger was sitting there, she also took off before I could get her license plate number. Luckily neither of us were hurt. If you have ANY information on this or if you happened to witness it and somehow get the plate it would be greatly appreciated. The cameras from business near by were unable to pick it up and the side of my car is totalled.

  6. Macy

    I was backing out from my driveway and there’s another car backing out from the parking across from my driveway. We hit each other on the rear and both of our rear light is broken. That guy told me that he stopped completely. I didn’t see that he stopped and I’m not sure if he actually stop. He wants me to pay for this loss, or he’s going to report to his insurance company. I don’t want to do that because I don’t want my insurance rate to increase.

  7. Kim

    G1 driver with Mom G driver as passenger. It was a lovely afternoon. Stopped at red light intersection in left turn lane. 2 or 3 cars are in front of us turning left in same lane. My G1 son takes foot off brake ( I know distracted??…’s his fault) and car starts to roll forward. Car in front is about 2 – 3 feet from us and I scream “brake”! Too late…we have rolled the 2 – 3 feet forward into the car ahead and come to a stop when the car bumps the bumper of car ahead. No damage whatsoever to my car. Woman that is driving has passenger police man get out of car to inspect her bumper. He tells me that there may be damage that we don’t see. The wife starts pointing out scuff marks on the bumper. I point out there are scuff marks all over the bumper and the paint chips that appear to be old. Mr. policeman passenger says are you a mechanic? Starts taking pics of my car, his car, the building we are in front of.

    Go up to the collision reporting centre whereby this cop guy passenger is having conversations with the girl taking pics and then with the cop at the desk. Then my son goes up. Civilian girl has commented on incident report that I have damage to my bumper and grill (which is false). And the car that my driver hit is claiming over $1000.00 damage to bumper, exhaust and allignment. There is NO way! Cop at reporting centre says to my son….did you hit this guy?…son says yes well it was more like a roll at approx. 1 km/hr…..cop says…….if there is any damage I can’t tell whether it was there before or not and you hit him your insurance is gonna pay for all damage to back end of car, and I know he’s gonna make a claim because it’s more than $1000.00 damage. Isn’t there any one that will investigate this to find out if going 1 km per hour and rolling into a car in front could cause the damage that he is claiming??? I’m not saying we are right, I’m just saying whatever he is claiming exhaust, bumper moved etc. wasn’t us.

  8. Ayesha Bashir

    Hi All,

    Yesterday I got rear-ended by someone. It was a company car and the guys were really nice and went with me to the collision center and then exchanged the insurance details.
    When I called my insurance company the collision officer or whatever he is called told me that the law in Ontario was that no matter who is at fault, their insurance pays for their car and mine pays for my car and that to get it fixed I would have to pay a deductible of $500.
    SInce the damage according to the police was less than a 1000 dollars no report was filed. But those guys were at fault. Shouldn’t my insurance contact their insurance and ask them to pay? How I can I get this through to my insurance agency? I am a single mother and dont have $500 to pay as a deductible. Please help someone so that I can tell the collision officer at my insurance that he is wrong. My understanding was that the party that rear ends is at fault.
    Now reading here on this site I realize that I should still have filed a report but the officer on duty did not tell me that I could still do this. What do I do now? 🙁

  9. Ashley

    I was in an accident a few days ago because someone pulled a tricky manouver which caught me off guard, but was still adhering to the rules and crashes into me, so I was blamed for the incident. When I reported it at the collision centre, the police man that helped us told me I was playing games with him and he would take me to court. I haven’t heard anything back yet; is there something I should be following up on?

  10. Nathaly

    I was in the turning lane going east to turn onto the next street going north. when the guy on the outside lane without a signal decided the swerved left into me clipping my right front fender attempting to go into the school entrance on my left side. His driver’s side door was hit. He is saying that I was completely in the wrong.????? He want,s to go thru insurance but I,m 17 and would prefer not to for oubvious reason. I don’t know what to do?

  11. Carly

    I was in an accident and i ended up rear ending the person (on the highway by oliver road). My car isn’t driver-able and the other person has no damage. I was charged with following to close, we were sitting at a red light and it turned to green. Everyone was picking up speed. The light turned to yellow and the other person would have been the last one to make it through the light. Needless to say she stopped and I tried stopping. It was raining and our speeds were high (driving on the highway). I was a car to a car and a half away from her (I could see her entire vehicle). Is this something worth fighting?

  12. Shaida

    I was leaving Markville Mall, and standing to turn left into Hwy 7. The car before me as well a line up behind me all awaiting the green light. When it turned, I expected her to move too.but unfortunately she did not. All the cars behind moved too. I breaked just in time, leaving a space of 6 to 8 inches.
    Next thing you know, she comes out of car and looks at the back of her car. I was wondering what was going on and she asked me to come out saying I knocked into her car. I would have felt it but I told her, I did not hit you, and she said you did. I went to the front of my car and noticed there was 6 inches apart. I tried telling her it was impossible since the cars were not touching.

    Had to tell the traffic to go on as she was saying I did and I knew I had not. I did not know what to do, and I told look I am here, so if she wants to call the cops to go ahead. After little while, when I insisted I had not banged into her car, the cars were apart, my license plate was clean, there was no where any scratches or her paint on to my screws. She turned around and said I reversed. I told her I could not reverse as the cars were all close by. That was a rubbish theory.

    Next, I had to talk from her phone to the cops. They asked if there was injury, I said no. If the cars were damaged, I said no. The cop, asked me to exchange insurance and phones and report to the collision center.

    That night, the lady’s (driver or the other car), husband called and made an offer of $400 for me to repair their car. I told him why would I do that when I know I did not hit her car. He asked me to think about it and to talk to someone before responding. I told him I would call him the next day. I chatted to my brother, and he is said, it is not about feeling sorry and that it was a question of principal, since I had not hit the car, why why would I pay even $50

    Unfortunately I have a sick mother, and the place closes at 9 pm.hence I could not reach. Instead I called my insurance company to let them know what happened and that there were no claims on my part and warned them that they are aware that I did not hit the car that I have proof with the picture. The insurance company said I have to call the collision place, which I will do.

      1. Shaida

        Thank god, I did not agree to pay, as I never heard from them. I called my insurance company so they are informed. And like my insurance company said, not to worry and leave it as it is.

        So far nothing.!

        Just don’t be quick to pay any one, if you know you were not on the wrong.

        All the best Tom!



  13. Cherielyn

    I was at a complete stop. I was rear ended. The damage is under $500. I reported the accident. Will that persons insurance pay for my vehicle to be fixed.

  14. E

    I was parked on Nepark Road, in front of the Newmarket Soccer Center between 7 an 8:30 pm yesterday evening. When I returned to my vehicle a large black truck with a trailer hitch was parked in front of me. The next morning I noticed a large scratch and dent in the front of my car matching the shape and position of the trailer hitch. I don’t know what to do. I do not have any of the other vehicle information.

  15. Joshua Tyson

    I was involved in an accident few hours ago… I was making a left turn on a four-lane street (two lanes for east bound and two for west bond)… The first car yielded and while I proceeded, the second car didn’t stop… I scratched its wheel… Although I cannot feel the scratch, I can see a dark mark on the wheel… There was no damage to my car… He got my info, and will probably meet up tomorrow to finalize… What are the procedures?

  16. Shaida

    I have one recommendation, fault or not, you must take pictures of the accident. Always carry either disposable or phone camera or GPS camera……. and take pictures.

  17. Debbie

    My son has been accused of being in a accident, He was not, he lives in the area in question, but he was at work and can proove that. There is a 58 years old man and my son is 21, they are believing the man without a question not sure what more I can do, there are marks all over my son car it is a old beater, Now they have contaced my insurnace it is all BS very mad.

    1. Sonia

      Your insurance company can argue this. They do not have to accept liablility. It is unfortunate however it does happen often to be honest. Stand your ground with your insurance company and they will fight it for you. They should take your word for it if there is no solid evidence ie:independent witnesses, as if they dont they could be accused of acting in bad faith!

  18. Kirandeep Kaur

    I hit a car slowly but other car got no damage but owner of that car is saying their is two chip marks which is because of my car but i am not sure about that because the marks are far from each other that time I am in hurry I took picture of her car and exchange license photo n next day I call her that I will fix ur car from my machanic it’s cost me 60 dollar but she is demanding 700 dollar cash money what I have to do now the incident happen 5 days ago?

  19. Puneet Arora

    My 6 months old new car has been involved in a collision recently at dealer premise. I went for my first service. Car was parked inside the premises after service. Key not yet handed back to me. It was badly hit by a car driven by another dealer employee. Car is badly damaged and right now sent to body shop by the dealer. Police report filed. My insurance provider engaged. what are my options ?

  20. Lloyd

    When I was finished putting gas into my car at the gas station, I was not able to move forward so I backed up to leave the gas pumps. A woman in a car was directly parked behind me, waiting to use the gas pump after me. I hit her bumper causing a small scratch on her car and one on my own. She immediately began with saying..’What are you doing? You caused damage to my car!…I don’t want the police involved…You need to pay for my bumper! She was on her smart phone the whole time.

  21. Anon

    I happen to go real close to the car in front of me, but didn’t hit him. He decides to reverse, hits me, comes out of the car and takes photos and says “You hit my car”. So, I said, “No, you reversed” Then, he said “I have a dashcam” He even recorded me without my consent. In the end, we both exchanged our info and our phone numbers. He tried to scare me by saying he’s going to report, and left the scene.

  22. SNK

    My car was hit at a parking lot sometime this week. I didn’t witness this as I was not in my car at the time. No note was left. I just noticed the dent and scratch last night as the rain washed away the dirt revealing this. I called my insurance company and they told me that I need to report it to the collision centre, which is fine. But I don’t have much info to give as I’m not exactly sure which parking lot this happened in as I’ve been at a few this past week and the time that it happened. Will this cause a problem for me at the collision centre or with my insurance?

  23. mike

    Does running over branches of a tree in a parking lot need to be ‘reported’? I wouldn’t think so, but does it fall under the ‘property’ requirement in the law? It seems silly to call the police with this.

  24. RG

    I had and accident yesterday. The car in front of me applied brakes on snow and that made me to apply brake as well. My car slide twice and went on to the oncoming (opposite) lane. Thankfully, there was no car on that lane and I waited for a while. Checked my car and didn’t see any dent since it was covered with snow. I left the spot. Later after 2 mins one car chased me and the driver asked if I had met with accident and I confirmed, YES. He said, I hit one car while sliding. So I followed him to accident spot and confirmed that the lady driver was not injured. Her father showed up later, and the lady driver left the spot with her dad’s car. Her dad asked me $2000 which I didn’t agree because the dent on his car was very minor. We went to collision centre to report the incident.
    Today, the dad of that lady driver is threatening me to pay him $2000 else, he will charge me with ‘Hit & Run’ case. I was not aware that I had hit the car because my car landed in other (opposite) lane.
    Is it considered as ‘Hit & Run’ case?

  25. Paul

    I went to the Richmond Hill reporting Centre to report damage to a bumper, hit from behind. The Officer would not write-up a report nor come out to see the damage. The Centre was empty at the time,…zero other people in there. He was very nice but said that damage to a bumper is under $2000.00 therefore we should not be reporting it. Very strange as the FAQ’s on this site advise that all accidents should be reported regardless of the damage. Plus, repairs are very expensive so how is the Officer expertly qualified without even seeing the damage to determine that costs will be less than $2000.00. Hope this doesn’t become an issue. At minimum, the FAQ’s should be updated so as to not waste everyone’s time.

  26. JGW

    My vehicle was parked in the lot at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. While I was shopping someone swiped my passenger door with their vehicle. Must of been a truck because the damage is quite high on the door. I was a visitor in Toronto. It will take me 3.5 hours to get from my home to the Collision Reporting Centre. The estimate for repairs is expected to be between $2-2,500. Do I need to drive back to Toronto to report this damage?

  27. Kajalsha

    I was entering an office parking lot and was stationary as there were pedestrians crossing. A man backs up without watching and hits my passenger door and tyre. How should I go about it.

  28. Norman Bloom

    I had my 1st car accident yesterday. I was driving slowly down Yonge St south towards major Mac when I got side swiped by a Red Toyota car with a single young male driverit was about after 3pm. He hit the front drivers side of the car. No serious damage done. Then he moved over to the left hand lane to go east on Major mac.
    I followed him and he didin,t stop to see the damage. His car also had marks I presume to.
    I honked at him as I couldnt get a license no. he sped up so i had to forget it. Thats all I remember that it was a Red Toyota that hit me. I assume he didin,t have insurance or it was a stolen car.Thats why he didn,t bother to stop…

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