Top 5 Car Accident Rules You Must Know

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5 things you must take care of after a car accident:

  1. If Anybody Hurt Call 911
  2. Collect Information
  3. Should We Wait for Police or be Towed to Collision Reporting Centre?
  4. How to Deal with Towing
  5. Insurance Replacement Vehicle

2. Collecting info of other party

  • Driver Name: __________________________
  • Phone Number: ________________________
  • Insurance #: ___________________________
  • Policy #: ______________________________
  • (Make sure to copy yourself directly from the original pink slip)
  • Car make: _____________________________
  • Model: _______________________________
  • Colour: _______________________________
  • Licence Plate #: _________________________

3. Should We Wait for Police or be Towed to Collision Reporting Centre?

  • A. If anybody is hurt you must wait for police and ambulance.
  • B. If you’re not hurt you can go to Reporting Centre and if your car is damaged or have broken lights or anything hanging from the vehicle, your car is preferrably to be towed.

4. Dealing with Towing

In most cases Insurance will be dealing with Towing Fees. If you have full Coverage or Not at Fault, your Insurance company will be dealing with billing directly.

If you’re not covered by the Insurance and at fault and want peace of mind on towing prices, get the tow truck operator to fill the next form:

I ___________________ from Towing Company ________________________________________ confirm that all services provided by me or by the company I represent, will not exceed the amount of $_______with the exception of __________________ and ___________________

Date: ___________ Signature: _________________

5. Insurance Replacement Vehicle

If you have a full coverage or not at fault, you are entitled for the Insurance Replacement Vehicle. You can call your insurance company and they will advice you on the nearest Car Rental Branch or you can ask your Tow Operator for a branch that will deliver the rental car to your location, the coverage is the same for both cases.


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