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Hi there, its Arthur from

our site is currently ranking on the first page of google. We have over 15000 unique visitors per month, That’s about 500 unique visitors per day. Most of those people have just being involved in a car accident and looking for a reporting centre. Meaning they will need Towing Service, Auto body repair legal and medical services. YOU as a business provider can have your business show up on the collision reporting centre map page on this directory site. Hundreds of accident drivers will see your business every day.

The moment they see the reporting center address, your business will show up. be the first Business they see from the moment of the accident, YOU.

Now you probably wondering how can you list you business on this directory? Well… its Free. that’s right, you don’t have to pay a penny. All you need to do is put a link from your site, to ours. That simple. See more Details below.

There is a limit for Only 3 service providers in each category for each city. the faster you act the more chance you have to show up in the city of your choice. you must have a google ranked site to participate.

Our site is unique, Practical and best of all, its Free. Enjoy it and see your business soon on the


So When You Ready to Put our link on your site, Now here are the instructions….

to make things simple we create this simple text for you to put on the main page of your site. the bold text is the “Hyper link” to our site. at the bottom of this page we will provide you the links you need to attach that text to, to make its a hyper link. your designer will be familiar with this.

the text to copy and past to your site:


“If involved in a car accident see the list of collision reporting centres in your city. See the list of licensed tow truck companies in your city or If you require a Tow Truck in Vaughan or Richmond hill click here.”


collision reporting centres – link to

tow truck companies –

Tow Truck in Vaughan or Richmond hill –

All text and links must be on your main page and must be a “Dofollow” class links.

if you are a towing company servicing Vaughan or Richmond hill, then the last link “Tow Truck in Vaughan or Richmond hill” is not required.

After you install those links, send us an e mail with a link to your main page. We will check it and will put your business to show up on the collision reporting centre map page in your city on our directory. Your Business can stay there for as long as you keep our link on your sites main page.

See you soon on the first page ranked site on google for Collision reporting centers in Ontario.