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Car accident tow truck Rates and towing fees

Car accident rates and towing fees are different and vary in different cities.
Below is a list of towing rates from the accident site to the reporting centre only:

Toronto          $166.00 plus tax, $178.58
York Region   $250.00 plus tax, $282.50
Markham       $275.00 plus tax, $310.75
Mississauga   $250.00 plus tax, $282.50
Brampton      $300.00 plus tax, $339.00

Towing rates from the collision reporting centre onwards accumulate depending on distance to destination, as well as possible other fees such as usage of dollies, waiting time during clean up of the accident scene and so on. Note that discount rates are available for those without auto insurance coverage.

Fighting traffic tickets – representative fees

It is often a wise decision to hire a representative who will fight off your traffic tickets and traffic charges. This can lead to greatly reduced, and sometimes eliminated, fines and penalties.

Fighting DUI charges, suspended license and other traffic ticket fees:

Every company has its own rates that usually vary depending on appearance in court, gathering proper documentation and amount of hours spent on your unique case. Below is only a simplified breakdown of approximate fees for fighting traffic charges.

Appearance in court  (coming soon)
Hourly charge             (coming soon)
Other charges            (coming soon)