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Guelph Collision Reporting Centre | Report Car Accident in Guelph

Mon-Fri from 11-7pm, Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 12-4pm - 519-829-4444 - E Mail:

Tow Truck Service in Guelph

If you need an emergency roadside assistance in Guelph or require a tow truck in Guelph, call any number below to reach a truck towing services. All Tow operators are licensed and work with Canadian insurance Companies.

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Fight Traffic Tickets in Guelph

In most cases Traffic tickets will be an issue, reason being that when The Police attend an accident scene their goal is to conclude who’s party is at fault. Once The Police determine who’s at fault they will issue a traffic ticket or a traffic charge. This traffic ticket might have points or just money to be paid for the traffic violation or both. You can pay the Ticket and absorb the Points into your driving record or you can fight your traffic tickets with the Help of those companies:


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Cheap Auto Insurance Guelph

In Guelph, once points are added to your record or when charges are added to your driving abstract, your insurance payment would go up. Save yourself the headache, consult a professional before attending court if you choose to fight your tickets in Guelph. If your insurance fee does go up, you can always try to find a cheaper insurance on our insurance page. Do you consider yourself a safe driver? Then you deserve an affordable insurance in Guelph.

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