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Should we Report the Accident?


In case of a car accident one of the most common first things drivers want to know is “should we call the police and do a report?” the answer varies on the situation. The first thing to look for is if anybody injured. If at any point there is an injury you should call 911 right away. If nobody is injured as a result of the car accident look at the damages. In Ontario as of fall 2015 Drivers are no more obligated to report accident damages that are less then $2000. That amount is considering both vehicles. If it’s a single car accident and no major damages seen on the car look if there is damages that resulted of the accident to private property or government property. If there is no damages and no injuries then there is no reason to report the accident.

If Vehicles are drivable and you ready to go to reporting centre make sure you exchanged the next important information:

  • License plates of the other car
  • Drivers license of the driver
  • Insurance slip (pink slip)
  • Write down Driver name and phone number
  • Write down their Car make model
  • Call non emergency police line and ask for incident number. You will need it when you arrive at the reporting center

If the other party is at fault and they want to pay cash for your auto repairs to avoid police and insurance, be prepared to ask the right questions.

In many auto collisions When the other party is at fault they will offer you to settle the damages privately. Which make sense, for their situation. If you choose to go that path you need to ensure few things. First of all get all info of the party other driver including:

  • License plates of the other car
  • Drivers license of the driver
  • Insurance slip (pink slip)
  • Write down Driver & passengers names and phone numbers
  • Write down their Car make model
  • prepare a hand writing not indicating what happened in details and that the other party acknowledge their fault and will be taking responsibility for expenses. Break down the expanses (Auto body repairs, Car towing, car rental). Include the time frame for those clauses to be done
  • date, print name and sign. Recommended for All parties involved in the accident to sign and have records of.

If chosen to settle privately it is very recommended to go from the auto collision scene Straight to the bodyshop agreed upon. If its after hours and the bodyshop closed then let the party at fault call them and leave a voice mail indicating their first and last name and that they will be paying for the damage repairs of such and such vehicle, as result of the car accident.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When you report an accident your vehicle is being flagged as accident car. When time comes to resale it would loose value (if not written off) it is that something you want?
  • Dash cam recorders can be very useful evidence in auto collision situations.
  • If combined damage is less then $2000 no reason to report accident
  • If the other party is at fault and want to pay cash for repairs be prepared to ask the right questions
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