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Top 3 tips choosing Auto bodyshop

Useful advice on selecting your Accident repair facility

Useful advice on selecting your accident repair facility
So you had an accident, your plans changed and you have lots of things happening at once. From the moment the accident happens time seems to fly much faster and decisions should be made quick. The usual car accident scenario in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Toronto and in most cities in Ontario is like this:
You drive and suddenly you hear a sound of bending metal, maybe you see some smoke. You open your eyes and see deployed air bags. You exit your vehicle and see splattered liquids and plastic pieces on the road and people coming out of nowhere asking, “Are you OK?”. You are not ok, you have been involved in an auto collision. Watch Bodyshop Toronto Video for explanation.
Usually, the first help to arrive is not the ambulance or the police or the firefights, it’s the tow truck drivers. It’s a specific category of tow truck drivers that chaise mainly accidents and are called ‘chasers’. They would offer you their service and most likely the first one to come to the scene will be the one to tow your car. If no one is injured the police would usually instructs the car accident drivers to come to a collision reporting centre to do a report. You would get towed to a reporting centre, call your insurance to make a claim and the insurance company would tell you who is their preferred auto body shop. Once you complete the police report you would come outside to let your tow truck driver know where you want your car to be fixed. In most cases the tow truck drivers would recommend a different repair facility for the make and model of your car. You would also consider taking the car to your own mechanic that you know well and trust. Where should you take your car and what auto bodyshop should you choose?

Your mechanic

You might have a great mechanic but do they do auto body work? Most mechanics don’t even have their own spray booth. What they might do is when you call them they would say ‘Sure, bring your car over here and we will take care of it.’ What they really are going to do is send the car to another shop for whatever kickbacks they get and do only the mechanical work on it. With this type of a deal you might as well go to a bigger shop where you will get some extra goodies done to your car instead of your favorite mechanic getting the benefits of sending your car to another shop himself.

TIP # 1 – if you want to use your mechanic Always ask first thing “Do you have your own spray both in your own shop?”


Insurance preferred Auto Bodyshops

Your insurance would definitely recommend and sometimes even try to make it seem like you must use their bodyshop. They would say, “In our shop your will have life time guarantee for labor” and “you will be covered for repairs in that bodyshop”. The truth of the mater is any reputable bodyshop will have a life time warranty for labor as long as you are the owner of the car. The good part of choosing the insurance preferred repair facility is that, that’s what the insurance company wants. The bad side of this is that the insurance preferred bodyshop are giving them fair rates, some even discounted rates (that’s how they get to be their “preferred bodyshop”), no freebies or any complementary work in your favor.

TIP #2 Thinking about using insurance preferred auto bodyshop? Ask “what complementary work can you do for me?” This includes fixing minor dents or mechanical problems not related to the accident or just helping with the deductibles.

Bodyshop recommended by the tow truck driver

The tow truck driver, if being in the towing business for long enough will have their own base of knowledge in regards to auto bodyshops and repair facilities. In most cases they would know which body shop specializes in your car make/model and which bodyshop would fix some minor auto body or mechanical problems that are not related to the accident For FREE, just because they want your business. Some tow truck drivers would even know what bodyshops help with deductibles in case where you are at fault. Ask the tow truck driver what shop will he recommend for your car and give them a call before you tow your car there to make sure they will provide you with what you want. Also do a quick search about them online.

TIP #3 Google the bodyshop before going there for reviews. Those days everybody are on line and most places will have reviews. Check up on the bodyshop before heading there and see what others are saying about it.

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