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Which bodyshops to Choose and Which to Avoid

Who and what to choose or avoid.

You were involved in a car accident and you need to fix your car. Making a decision who to trust can be difficult. So Here are the main three options you have:

  1. Insurance preferred Auto Body shop
  2. Your mechanic
  3. Body shop Specializing in accident Auto body repair

Option #1 Insurance preferred auto Bodyshop

This option is a safe one. Your insurance recommended bodyshop is tested for its service and quality. Also the standard for insurance preferred shops is a life time warranty on the service done for your vehicle as long as you are the owner of that car or truck (most reputable shops will have a lifetime guaranty).

The insurance preferred bodyshops also keep the repair prices reasonable. They won’t exceed the repair amount your insurance company sees fair, therefore satisfying your insurance while fixing your car. If you love your accident car and want it to be fixed, this is an Important factor because the lower the repair cost for the vehicle, the more chances it will have to be fix and Not written off. On the other hand if you want to write off your car and not fix it then the chances are slimmer. The lower the Auto repair quote, The Higher the chances it will be Repaired.

Insurance preferred body shop advantages

  • Safe and trusted place by your insurance company
  • Life time warranty on labor as long as your are the car owner
  • Fair Quality of work done on your car
  • Will not exceed the Reasonable cost and your insurance will be happy with Auto repair rates
  • Lower Repair rates meaning better chance of not being written off and the car being fixed.

Insurance preferred body shop disadvantages

  • Work is limited only to accident related damages on your vehicle
  • No complementary work done on your car as gratitude for your business
  • No help with deductibles
  • Slimmer chance to write off your accident car because of the lower repair cost

Option #2 The mechanic you know or closer to home

There are thousands of auto mechanics in Toronto and across Ontario. Most likely, you know one of them. When it comes to auto collision car repairs we don’t advice on using someone just because he has a familiar face. Always stick to industry standards. Your mechanic might helped you change your oil last month, but does he have 20-50 cars being currently repaired in his shop? Or does he have 5-7 cars for mechanical repairs with one small spray booth? Does he even have a spray booth or he is going to send it to his neighbor mechanic to do the work? It might be safer to deal with a Big Reputable bodyshop because, last thing you want, is getting to a dispute with a friend or relative for a poorly done job.

As you can see, unless your mechanic is a Large known bodyshop, we won’t recommend him at all.

If you have one way insurance policy and you are at fault, then keeping the costs low is your own priority. In that case, your mechanic might be a better option. When you have to pay out of pocket for your Accident auto damages, your small mechanic you already know might be a good option.

Advantages of choosing the mechanic you know from before

  • Keeping auto repair costs low
  • Easy to communicate, someone you already know.

Disadvantages of choosing the mechanic you know from before

  • May not be up to standards in quality of auto body work.
  • Life time warranty on labor may not be guaranteed
  • Possibility of Getting to dispute with a friend or relative
  • Need to ask if he has a spray booth or will he send the work somewhere else


Option # 3  Bodyshop Specializing in Auto Body Repair

We Recommend this option as those shops specializing in the Service you need. Services are above standards. Your car will be fixed with top quality materials and new Original auto parts at un discounted rates (unlike the insurance preferred shops).
This option will offer You Expert auto bodyshops that will go the extra mile to make you happy. They will actually offer you repairs on pre-existing damages on your car as complementary work for bringing business to them.

Some will offer to cover your deductibles, if not all then at least Some. Meaning choosing this option alone can keep that insurance deductible amount in your pocket. Meaning you will keep up too$1000-2500 in Your pocket when Repairs are completed.

Another important factor is that with those Expert Auto body repair shops the labor and part are un discounted top quality. If you want to write off your car. The higher the repair cost cost, the higher the chances your car will be written off.

The Advantages of choosing Large Established bodyshop

  • Superior service
  • Complementary work done on your vehicle (not related to your car accident)
  • Helping you with your deductibles
  • Higher chances of your car being written off due to Un Discounted Rates

The Disadvantages of choosing Large Established bodyshop

  • Need to ask if life time warranty for labor is guaranteed
  • Insurance will try to keep you out of expensive shops to control repair costs
  • Tow truck Recommended bodyshop might be farther from your home then the nearest mechanic