Vaughan soon to set tow truck fee cap

Vaughan plans to impose new caps on certain tow truck fees.

The current bylaw sets a maximum charge of $250 to tow a vehicle from a collision, but now city staff are recommending limiting the amount that can be billed for other services such as towing from a non-collision site, storage fees and wait times at the Collision Reporting Centre in Richmond Hill, where police prepare collision reports.

The recommendation comes after complaints that tow truck operators have billed customers more than $3,000.

If approved by council, the new caps would be:

  • $125 for a non-collision tow, inclusive of dollies used to assist in towing, with a $3.58 per kilometre fee for travel time outside city limits;
  • $55 per day for outside storage, over a 24-hour period;
  • $60 per day for indoor storage, over a 24-hour period and;
  • $67 per hour (after the first hour) for Collision Reporting Centre waiting time.

If your vehicle has been towed in Vaughan recently, we’d like to hear what you think about the proposed fee caps.

Rates for Private Property towing in Vaughan

If your vehicle got towed in Vaughan from private property your are to pay Hefty fees. Average tow fee for vehicles towed from Vaughan, Woodbridge and Thornhill are approximately $500.00-$1500. This will depend on the size (weight) of your vehicle and how quickly you come to claim in back.

Tow Fees more then car value

if your vehicle was towed from private property and the tow fees are above the value of your vehicle, you might want to think twice before abandoning your car. In some cases the towing companies will go after the car owners for the accumulating fees of storage and other associated fees.