– Transfer to siteground and get free SSL Certificate. make sure site says “secure” in browser.
– Fix Design-
A.maps should be bigger and a clickable icon below the map that would lead user from site to google maps app or apple maps with navigation to the selected reporting centre.

B. on mobile everything looks like it is boxed. Stretch everything to touch the sides of the screen left and right. make it look more modern and pleasant to the eye.

– Before offering them the redirect to the google maps app, ask to share their current location with browser (our site) and send their GEO location to my phone in a “click to map” (their location) form.
– Main purpose of the site is to generate lead for bodyshops. do what you think would work to get them enquiring about Auto body shop repairs. remember the number one way to get them is to offer help with their deductibles.
– Aurora and newmarket pages dont have the right map geo location on them for the reporting centres. please fix
– on every map page right under the hours of operation there is a hyper link “choosing body shop in Toronto?” please change it to: “List of bodyshop that will cover your deductibles”
– on map pages, under fight traffic ticket section. put a box asking for traffic ticket (charge type) name and e mail and button “Get Route” and remove link below “get free traffic ticket consultation”
– on map pages, under “injured in car accident” section
A. align image and text to look better
B. take out the link “injured in car accident? click here” and put instead a box “your question” “name” “E mail”

  • Add link exchange form with only important info as in the image below. And make it look much nicer

Completing those updates would definitely be a great an awesome gift for my b day. no discounts necessary )